I was born in Liverpool down by the docks!!

Well I was born about 4 miles from the docks actually, and I grew up in Liverpool in the 1960's - was there any other place to be? Music has always been a massive part of my life, my dad was a King's Chorister, my family are all musical, singing in church and school choirs and playing in concert bands and orchestras at Liverpool Youth Music Centre all contributed to my love of music. I was taught the violin at school and was so bad at it that said fiddle languished in a darkened room for nearly 30 years - until I joined Fyvie Folk Club. Then I dusted off the fiddle and guess what - I was still shocking! In fact, I used to tell my kids that if they didn't go to sleep, I'd practice my violin - that did the trick! Four years ago, said fiddle was swapped for a mandolin, and household harmony was once again restored.

When I joined the folk club in 2000, I soon realised that all the best songs were already being performed brilliantly by the others in the club, and not wanting to either duplicate or pinch favourites, I knew I had to find a way of being original! That's when I started performing my own material. I mastered the art of parody song writing at a very early age - and to the hapless victims of my busy Biro - may I now express sincere and devout apologies (yeah!!!).

I am now known as the "Conscience" of the Folk Club with everyone running scared if they divulge even the slightest shred of information or momentary lack of judgement/skill/wit/ wisdom!

As the club MC I have to keep my wits about me to cope with the witty repartee from the floor - it's really good fun and a great night out - so if you haven't tried it yet - come along and join us, you'll be made most welcome and I promise not to write a song about you until at least your second visit!




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