Dave Pepper

Dave Pepper Dave has been playing guitar for more than 45 years. Over this time he's played with numerous bands and "jammed" with many big names (including Lindisfarne, Fairport Convention, Aly Bain and Stefan Grappelli - yes he plays other musical styles).

Starting off playing pop music in the 60's he's naturally drawn to the more up-beat, electric-folk part of his repertoire but still loves performing songs with "those magic words that make you want to sing them". Ten years in Shetland playing with musical greats like Peerie Willie Johnson helped to develop his accompaniment skills. During this time he ran Britain's most northerly folk club and was a co-founder of the prestigious Shetland Folk Festival.

He now plays just about any instrument with frets and strings and features several of them in his act. He's been the rhythm section of "Beggars Feast" for the past 12 years as well as calling the dances when playing at Ceilidhs.

He is also part of folk duos "Last Round" and "Dash" as well as doing solo spots and regularly guests with other bands. Over the years he's been support to many names in several countries, from Gerry & the Pacemakers to Dick Gaughan with others too numerous to mention in between.

You can contact Dave at davepepper@aol.co.uk





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